APS Reactor Group Meeting Information

From: Kim Stapp <kstapp@its.caltech.edu>
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 13:51:47 CDT

APS Reactor Working Group Members:

        The next working group meeting is being held at Caltech on May
15,16, 2004. We expect to start at 9AM both days, and finish by 1PM on
Sunday. The meeting will be held in the library of the Kellogg Lab.
Attached are a couple of maps that indicate the meeting location. You
can find driving directions from the LA airports at
An agenda is under preparation by Ed and Gabriela, and will be available

        We will have a VNC connection and hopefully a phone connection
available for people who cannot attend but would like to participate
remotely. You will be able to see the presentation material on a browser
over the net. (All presentations will need to be posted so that they
are reachable over the net - ppt, pdf, ps, html formats are all
acceptable.) VNC connection information will be provided shortly via
email. In addition, we hope remote participants will be able to listen
and participate in discussions via phone conference. We are still
working on setting this up, and we will send more details soon.

        *** If you are planning to attend, please respond to this email
(stapp@krl.caltech.edu) and inform Kim Stapp.

        *** If you are planning to participate remotely, please respond to
this email (stapp@krl.caltech.edu) and inform Kim Stapp including your
name, location and phone number.

        We look forward to a productive meeting. If you have questions
please contact Kim Stapp or
myself (bmck@krl.caltech.edu).

                Bob McKeown

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