Re: APS Neutrino Study Report

From: Robert McKeown <>
Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 14:59:33 CDT


    I have looked over the report, and the reactor executive summary,
and I like them very much.

    However, I noticed that under Section 3, Current Program and
International Context, there is a paragraph on reactor experiments. It
discusses Double-CHOOZ and KASKA, but there is no mention of Daya Bay.
This is an unfortunate oversight, as the Daya Bay site is very
attractive and is presently the subject of intensive developmental study
by a collaboration of US and Chinese groups. There is good cooperation
from agencies in China, and it would be quite unfortunate if the project
was not mentioned in this context in this report. It probably has a
better chance to succeed than KASKA and would have superior sensitivity,
in the 0.01 range for sin2(2theta_13). An appropriate sentence to add at
the end of that paragraph might be: "Another site under active study is
at Daya Bay in China, which may attain even higher sensitivity, $\sin^2
2 \theta_{13} \le 0.01$ at 90\% CL."

    I hope you can send this suggestion to the writing committee from
the reactor working group.

             Best regards,


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