Topics for Feb.7-8 Working Group Meeting.

Here is a list topics for discussion at our Feb. 7-8 meeting; Saturday afternoon will include a brief review of possible experiment sites and a discussion of non-theta13 physics possibilities with reactor experiments. On Sunday, we'll focus on theta13 issues and make plans for the next couple of months.

Saturday's session will begin at 1:30 in room 480 of The Enrico Fermi Institute at 5640 S. Ellis Avenue. Sunday's session will go from 9 to ~4:30. On Sunday, continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

I.  Physics Possibilities of Reactor Neutrino Experiments

- theta13 (delta m^2 13)
- neutrino magnetic moment
- Finesse physics
- structure functions
- sin^2 theta W (can NuTeV result be checked?)
- Search for oscillation effects of sterile neutrinos (If MiniBoone confirms
  LSND signal, can reactor experiments be helful?)
- CPT tests (nu bar from reactor vs. solar neutrino); can new experiments
  improve these tests
- Can detectors also be useful for supernova detection?
- Can other experiments (or detector R&D)
  take advantage of new underground facilities near reactor?
- Better measurement of absolute neutrino spectrum from reactor?

II. Reactor experiment to measure theta13

A. Systematic issues common to all approaches:
 -- efficiency
 -- energy calibration
 -- background

B. General detector issues

 -- Choice of scintillator
 -- Number of detector regions
 -- Calibration schemes
 -- Movable detectors

C. Comparison of different experimental approaches

  --  Can we develop figures of merit to compare different experimental
      approaches, sites?

  -- What will be needed to establish a signal? For example, will some
      energy spectrum information be required?  Will it be necessary to
      evaluate detector efficiency in independent ways?

  -- Other issues relevant for site selection (e.g., environmental impact).

D. Systematic precision attainable with different experiments

  o.      BRIEF reports on worldwide activities

  i.      Small (CHOOZ-2): fixed 10-ton detectors at 1.1 km baseline

  ii.     Medium:  50-ton detectors (Movable vs Fixed)

  iii.    Large: 250-1000 ton (single or multiple far detectors -- are
          identical near and far detectors needed?). What is the ultimate 
          reactor experiment?

E. Sensitivity studies for different options; complementarity with accelerators

F. Discussion of cost/timescale for different scales of experiments.

III.  Discussion of possible roadmap for future reactor neutrino experiments.