APS neutrino study; please pass on this message to anyone who you think may be interested. (fwd)

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Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 13:47:56 CST

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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 14:45:43 -0500 (EST)
From: Rabindra Nath Mohapatra <rmohapat@physics.umd.edu>
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Subject: APS neutrino study; please pass on this message to anyone who you
    think may be interested.

Dear Colleagues,
          Boris has asked me to cordinate the theoretical aspects of the
different working groups in the APS neutrino study program in order to
present a coherent summary of what physics can be learnt from the proposed
experiments such as reactor, double beta decay, LBL and superbeam etc. The
idea is to have a summary of the new physics in the final write-up.

I am now trying to form a study group for this purpose. So please pass
this message to the members of your working group. Any member of your
working groups who would like to participate in and contribute
to the discussion and write-up of the final theory report,
please send me a e-mail. I have no doubt that bigger participation will
help to focus the issues and will enrich the report. If you would like to
suggest any one outside the people listed in the working groups, also
feel free to send me the names. I am contacting a few people who are not
listed as part of the working groups. Some have already agreed and I am
waiting for response from others.

The plan would be to have one phone meeting and lots of e-mail discussions
before April and have a preliminary draft ready (or more or less ready) by
the April meeting of the group leaders, where there will be a
presentation. Then we have to finalize the report by the Aspen
meeting in June. I am envisioning only phone and e-mail discussions at
the moment.

An initial list of the ideas that would be good to look into are the
following: (Please feel free to add any other ones that you may have)

(i) testing for the right handed neutrino and seesaw (both type I and II
) using experiments:

(ii) Is seesaw 3X3 or 3X2 type ?

(iii) structure of the RH neutrino mass matrix;

(iii) implications of SO(10) grand unification- is normal hirrarchy
implied by SO(10) ?

(iv) Testing different ways to understand large neutrino mixings in
SO(10): type II seesaw sumrule, lopsided, others.

(v) If sign of $\Delta m^2_A < 0$, how strongly does it imply an
L_e-L_\mu-L_\tau symmetry or some other symmetries such as horizontal
symmetry etc.

(vi) Connection between leptogenesis phase and neutrino mass matrix phase;
e.g. what does a measurement of neutrino mass matrix phase tell us about
leptogenesis phase ?

(vii) If LSND result is confirmed by MiniBoone and one accepts sterile
neutrinos, what are its theoretical implications i.e. mirror universe,
singlet neutrino, extra dimensions ?

(ix) Is a nonzero signal in the neutrinoless double beta decay experiment
necessarily neutrino mass or something else ?

-Rabi Mohapatra
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