APS Neutrino Study: Reactor Working Group

From: Gabriela Barenboim <gabriela.barenboim@uv.es>
Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 09:02:01 CST

Dear Colleagues,
   Here is an updated outline for our working group report.
Please contact us if you would like to contribute to a particular
section. During the next week, we will begin contacting people to
make first drafts of particular sections.
Best wishes,
                                       Gabriela and Ed

(0) Overview -- Brief history of reactor experiments
     * Chooz & Palo Verde
     * KamLAND

(I) Physics possibilities of a reactor neutrino experiment

       * theta_13
       * solar physics (delta m_12, theta_12)
       * sin2 theta_w
       * supernova
       * CPT
       * neutrino magnetic moments

(II) (A) The theta_13 experiment

           * General strategies to improve CHOOZ

          * Issues relevant for evaluating the experiments
                reactor power

          * Different scales of experiment

             (For each: describe strategy of experiment, justify theta_13
                        sensitivity, give rough timescale/cost)

        (B) Complementarity with accelerators

(III) Beyond theta_13
        * sin2 theta_w
         * supernova
         * Deltam_12
         * CPT

(IV) Conclusions
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