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Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 15:02:14 CDT

Hi, Gabriella and Ed: I am not available May 14, 15 or 16. Cheers.

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From: Ed Blucher <>
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 1:30 pm
Subject: next reactor working group meeting

> Dear Colleagues:
> Although you haven't heard from us lately, a lot has happened
> since our
> last working group meeting. There's been significant progress on our
> working group report, and there was a "mid-course correction"
> meeting of
> the working group leaders and study organizers on April 1-2.
> The midcourse meeting included a discussion of how the final study
> report will be written. The report, for which writing has not yet
> been assigned, will be ~30 pages organized along physics topics.
> The individual working group reports will be appended to this report.
> The midourse meeting also included a discussion of how to deal
> with physics
> topics of interest to multiple working groups.
> In particular, there was a rather tense discussion about theta13 and
> whether superbeams/off axis and reactors are competing or
> complementaryexperiments. The bottom line of the discussion was
> that the reactor and
> off-axis working groups were urged to reach some consensus.
> While these groups are not likely to agree on
> the mix of experiments needed before theta13 is established, we think
> we can reach a consensus on how information from the two
> approaches is
> complementary when making measurements (e.g., how do different
> measurementscontribute to searching for CP violation). We've
> already spoken with
> some of the off-axis/superbeams people and believe agreement on some
> issues is possible.
> The superbeams group will be having a meeting at Fermilab
> on May 13-14 (the days before we had planned to have our
> own meeting at Berkeley), arranged to coincide with a NOvA meeting
> on May 15-16.
> We think there are two options for our own meeting:
> 1) We can keep our original plan and have a reactor working group
> meeting at Berkeley. In this case, we could try to reach a
> consensus with the
> Superbeam group at the June meeting (or informally before the
> final meeting).
> 2) We could move our meeting to Chicago (May 15) and arrange a small,
> working meeting with some of the superbeams people on the 14th.
> We both feel that reaching some common ground with the accelerator
> group is
> critical to the final report, and therefore prefer the second
> option. (Given
> the short time before the final study meeting, it's not possible
> to schedule
> our working group meeting and a joint meeting independently.)
> We would like to get others opinions about this before making a
> decision.Time is late, so we would like to get comments by this
> Friday. We'll then
> send out a message with the plan for the meeting.
> Thanks very much.
> Regards,
> Gabriela and Ed
> P.S. Speak now, or forever hold ...
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