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From: John G. Learned <>
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 14:11:00 CDT

Dear Gabriella and Ed:

I would like also, if you think there will be time, to tell you folks a
little about what we are doing about searching for an earth center
georeactor. Of course KamLAND is about the worst place in the world for
such a study, with the powerful Japanese reactors all around (just why it
is such a great experiment for oscillations), though they do vary in
power output with time.

At first I thought Herndon's hypothesis to be a crackpot theory and that
it would be fun to put limits on it just to lay it to rest. However, I
have become more enamored of this idea as I have looked into it... there
is indeed a chain of interesting geological evidence (mostly, very hard to
understand noble gas isotopes) which is otherwise hard to understand.

Of course if one found positive evidence for a power source for the
geomagnetic field, it would be a spectacular discovery in the history of
science, with enormous implications outside of particle physics. So, I
would like to suggest some mention of this goal in our report.



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> Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 09:05:49 -0500
> From: Ed Blucher <>
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> Subject: Caltech working group meeting
> Dear Colleagues:
> The agenda for our upcoming meeting is posted at
> We will post contributions to our working group report in a couple of days.
> Note that there has been no editing -- we will discuss the report in detail
> during our meeting.
> We will have a short, initial meeting with the superbeams working group
> leaders before the Caltech meeting to discuss common inputs to sensitivity
> studies. We'll report on the results of this discussion at Caltech.
> Gabriela and Ed
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