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  In case you did not get this, here is the announcment of the APS study
meeting that was sent out yesterday.

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Subject: APS Division of Particles and Fields Announcements
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 17:59:11 -0400
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Message to members of the American Physical Society's Division 0f
Particles and Fields, authorized by Mike Tuts, Secretary/Treasurer of DPF

The final general meeting of the APS multi-divisional neutrino study will
be held June 28-30 in Snowmass, Colorado (approval pending). The purpose
of this meeting is to determine the final recommendations of the study. At
the meeting, the study working groups will hold their final sessions and
report their findings. There will then be an in-depth, extensive
discussion of the integrated conclusions of the study, and of the study's
final report, which is due at the end of August. The heart of this report
will be a cross-cutting document presenting the major open questions in
neutrino physics and a unified, coherent, sensible strategy for answering
them through future experiments.

Anyone interested in the future neutrino physics program is cordially
to participate, whether or not she or he has actively participated in the
until now.

Lodging will be provided by the Silvertree Hotel in Snowmass, at $89/night
a single, and $99/night for a double. Reservations may be made by calling
Silvertree at 1-800-525-9402. To get the special rate, mention that you will
coming to the "Neutrino Study".

Information on the study, and links to the working group websites and other
websites of interest, may be found at www.interactions.org/neutrinostudy.

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