Re: Program for Snowmass meeting (fwd)

From: Gabriela Barenboim <>
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 03:42:05 CDT

Dear Bob,

Thanks a lot for your e-mail. The draft (or at least some parts of it)
have been posted since the Caltech meeting in our web page. This was
said at Caltech and in the e-mail we sent after that.
So, you can start by having a look at what's posted.

In any case, the quasi-final draft has been circulating among the people
who wrote something and/or sent us comments. We hope to send a complete
version by the end of next week. However, you are welcome to collaborate
on the editing and send your comments whenever you read what is
already available.

Since most of us are in Paris, we can get together to discuss things
any time.


Gabriela and Ed


      (. .)
Gabriela Barenboim
FERMILAB Theory Group
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