Re: APS Neutrino Study Report

From: Serguey Petcov <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 2004 - 10:04:05 CDT

Dear Gabriela and Ed,

     A looked at through the text of the final APS document
The Neutrino Matrix and noted that the name of S. Choubey
does not appear in the list of participants in the Reactor Neutrino Study
Group. S. Choubey contributed actively in the part of the report regarding
the measurement of \theta_{12} in an experiment with a baseline of 70 km.
Her name should be added in the list of the participants of the Reactor WG.

      With best regards,


On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Ed Blucher wrote:

> Dear Colleagues:
> We have posted a draft of the neutrino study final report from the
> writing committee (Janet Conrad, Steve Elliott, Stuart Freedman,
> Maury Goodman,Andre de Gouvea,Boris Kayser, Josh Klein, Doug Michael,
> Hamish Robertson, Chair) on our web site:
> A briefing of the funding agencies is scheduled for late October.
> We learned this weekend that the report will shortly be made final (possible
> within a week). We had expected there to be a final opportunity
> for comments from the full community, but it appears that this is it.
> Please send any comments to us ASAP, and we will pass them along to
> Hamish et al. In addition to reviewing the recommendations, please be sure to
> read over the executive summary of our working group report in the appendix.
> We will post an updated version of our working group report soon.
> Best wishes,
> Gabriela and Ed
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