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From: Gabriela Barenboim <>
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 05:09:14 CDT

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below the program for the Snowmass meeting.

News from our report will be coming soon.

See you soon,

Gabriela and Ed.

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Gabriela Barenboim           
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June 28 --
 9:00: Organization and Expectations for this Meeting. The Open Questions
       about Neutrinos 
		-- Boris Kayser
 9:30: APS Divisional and Funding Agency Hopes for this Study. 
		-- Divisional and Agency Representatives   
10:30: Structure and Status of the Study Draft Report.
		-- Hamish Robertson
11:00: Coffee Break.
11:30: Items that Should Not Be Left Out of the Final Report.
		-- TBA
12:00: Report of the Theoretical Discussion Group.
		-- Rabi Mohapatra 
12:30: Lunch.
 2:00: Separate Meetings of Individual Working Groups and Combinations of 
       Working Groups.
 6:30: Adjourn for the Day.
June 29 --
 8:30: Organizational Announcements.
 9:00 - 12:30: Reports by the Working Groups, covering, for each group 
	1. A description of the working group final document.
	2. How the goals of the experimental methods addressed by the group 
           map onto the open neutrino questions.
        3. The principal recommendations of the group.
 9:00: Report of the Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Direct Mass Search 
       Working Group.
 9:30: Report of the Solar and Atmospheric Neutrino Experiments Working
10:00: Report of the Cosmology and Astrophysics Working Group.
10:30: Coffee Break.
11:00: Report of the Reactor Neutrino Experiments Working Group.
11:30: Report of the Superbeam Experiments and Development Working Group.
12:00: Report of the Neutrino Factory and Beta-Beam Experiments and 
       Development Working Group.
12:30: Lunch.
 2:00 - 6:00: Discussion of Working Group and Study Draft Conclusions and 
		-- Discussion led by the Coordinating Committee (the Study 
                   Organizing Committee plus the Working Group Leaders)
 7:00: Working dinner for Coordinating Committee to revise the Draft Study
       Report in response to the Events of the Day.
June 30 --
10:00: Discussion of Revised Study Conclusions, Recommendations, and 
		-- Discussion led by the Coordinating Committee
12:30: Working lunch for Coordinating Committee to further revise the 
       Draft Study Report.
 2:00: Discussion to Finalize the Study Conclusions and Recommendations.
		-- Discussion led by the Coordinating Committee
 3:30: Coffee Break.
 4:00: How the Study Final Report is to be Completed.
		-- TBA
 4:30: Outreach Plans.
		-- Janet Conrad
 5:30: Adjourn.

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